Mostly seen fitted in the industrial workplace, electric roller shutter offer an entirely new look. It can also be seen at construction sites, large warehouses, packed garages, and many more industrial spaces. The electrification run on low voltages that save a lot of energy. Electric Roller Shutters are made run with a small motor connected up to an electricity supply; naturally, this can be a mains connection, but they can also be battery powered. With electrically operated roller shutters it’s also possible for to control remotely, whether by someone on the spot from a keypad or even from a nearby office building making operation far easier. Also offering convenience at industrial sites where it’s impractical to run down the stairs and open the loading bay as the truck is backing up.

Benefits of Electric Roller Shutter:
  • Easy to open and shut.
  • Ability to use solar panels to power your electric shutters.
  • Durable and offer fantastic protection from the elements and would be intruders.
ABI Steel Works Ltd offer its quality services in Manchester and adjoining areas. Installation of electric roller shutter is what we are experts in.