Sliding Doors

Our advanced and highly engineered sliding doors offer the perfect solution for larger openings in extensions, renovations or new-builds, maximising the amount of glass and breaking down the boundaries between inside and out.

Compared with bifolds, which subdivide the glass multiple times and need stacking space when open, sliding doors are far neater. ‘If you have more than four metres in width, we’d recommend sliding doors,’ says Steve Bromberg, General Manager, Express Bi-folding Doors.

If you have multiple apertures our aluminium folding doors, windows, doors and roofs match in well with these sliding doors each with contemporary square profiles and when ordered at the same time we can help ensure uniformity for your project.

The width of a sliding door ranges from 0.8m to 3m. Height also has an impact – if the glass is very tall, it can’t be as wide. Recommended weight is over 600 Kg